boiler installation

boiler installation

system types

We supply three types of  boiler systems, Combination Boiler, Conventional System Open Vented and Conventional Sealed System.


A combination/combi is both a high-efficiency instant water and a central heating boiler combined within one compact unit.

They typically work by taking cold water straight from the mains supply and heating it as you require it – eliminating the need for a water cylinder therefore freeing up space in your property.


  • Sealed central heating systems with all components in one unit making the system more compact and neater looking.
  • Frees up space within the property.
  • Saves you money as more energy saving.
  • Better suited to new builds.

Conventional Open System

A typical regular boiler system has components housed externally from the boiler itself, it has a hot water cylinder which is fed by a cold water expansion tank which is usually located in the loft.


  • Stored hot water – although once the tank runs out of hot water you will need to wait for this to reheat.

  • Several people in the household can use the hot water at the same time

  • Good option for low water pressure areas.

  • Combines with solar water heating system.

Conventional Sealed System

A conventional boiler with a sealed system is almost identical to a standard conventional system without all the external components.

It houses a hot water cylinder however instead of having the expansion tank in the loft it is replaced with an expansion vessel in the boiler itself.


  • Mains pressure hot water.

  • No tanks in the loft.

  • Combines with solar water heating system.

Which Boiler Package is for me?

As a company we are proud of our Northern heritage. As you will see all our packages are named after the region of Northumberland.

10% deposit secures installation date

control types

Hive active heating

  • Location based temperature control
  • Full technical support
  • Smart learning thermostat
  • 7-day scheduling
  • Hive thermostat works with Apple, Good and Amazon devices
  • Connects to the full hive product range

Ideal Halo Control

  • Designed specifically to work with ideal boilers
  • 7-day scheduling
  • Simple, quick,  straightforward
  • 2-year warranty

Worcester bosch Easy Control

  • Slim black or white design with glass touch screen
  • Allows you to give access to up to 6 family members on the EasyControl app
  • Full technical support
  • Works with Apple, Good and Amazon devices
  • Can be used with any boiler
  • 7-day scheduling

Essentials included in each package

A brief description to give you an idea of what else is included as standard with your new boiler package.

Magnetic filter

A Magnetic Filter is a filter system which essentially stops your system from building up with Magnetite also known as sludge, increasing energy efficiency , output within the system and most importantly – preventing breakdowns.

Eco-friendly waste collection

At Serve-North Gas, Plumbing and Heating we value our environment and are dedicated to protecting it for future generations. We aim to recycle as much of the waste as possible, both efficiently and correctly.

Water flow check

We measure the mains waterflow rate to determine the best boiler size

Gas safety certificate

We supply you with a Gas safety certificate to validate all appliances have been fitted correctly and safe to use.

Power flush

A powerflush is a cleansing process which will clear sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system, pipes and radiators. These deposits if left can seriously affect the efficiency of your heating system and can cause cold spots in your radiators, even after bleeding them. Poor water quality causes 87% of boiler breakdowns.

Power flush Certificate

Serve-North Gas, Plumbing and Heating provides a certificate to validate the system has been cleaned and treated correctly by our engineers providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

CO Alarm

We fit a carbon monoxide alarm with very installation to ensure continued safety and peace of mind.

Electrician test

We test your electrics to make sure new boiler can be fitted safely and complies with all relevant regulations.


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Boiler installation and repair company based in Northumberland, England. Our business is founded on honesty and a strong moral compass. There are no hidden costs.

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